Massive Haul- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

I found these gems in 4 different Dollar Trees. This line of nail polish has been discontinued long time ago and I never thought I could find them in my Dollar Tree. One thing I have noticed right away is the different types of prisms: halo, iridescence and multi chrome ones. Another thing about them is they are very sheer so you need multiple coats of polish but they are perfect to apply on other colors. They turn any color into something else, something magical. I have decided to swatch them one by one hopefully in the upcoming days, I also ended up having multiples of some colors so I am going to try frankening with them.

Here is my list of nail prisms:
#1 Diamond Limited Edition
#3 Purple Diamond
# 3 Purple Diamond Limited Edition
#4 South Sea Pearl
#5 Emerald Amethyst
#6 Ruby Saphire
#7 Garnet Lapis
#11 Fire Opal
#28 Mandarin Garnet
#38 Ruby Emerald
#43 Bronze Pink
#58 Golden Cinnabar Limited Edition
#60 Coral Amber

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