Lippmann- Happy Birthday vs Milani Gems

Last week, I went to Nordstrom in Corte Madera and while I was there I bought the Lippman set Layer Cake just because it had the infamous Happy Birthday polish in it and before I had a chance to try it I found Milani Gems in CVS. Gems is part of Milani Jewel FX collection which is said to be not a limited edition. I got lucky and I also found Revlon Perplex, the dupe for Chanel Paradoxal.
I put two coats of Lippmann HP on my index and middle finger and only one coat of Gems in my ring and pinky. Milani Gems is denser in terms of glitter andas you can see the colors are very close to each other. I saw that Gems is only missin pink glitter that Lippman has. Even though I love Lippmann, Milani is a much better choice. It is cheaper and easier to apply.


  1. That is some crazy glitter, I love it!! :-)

  2. Farklı bir rengin üzerine sürseydin keşke, daha güzel olurdu :) Ojeye bayıldım çok güzel.

  3. @ francesca mckennitt: Iki benzer ojeyi karsilastirabilmek icin oyle surmustum, Normalde bir rengin ustune ya da sadece yuzuk parmagima surup kullanirim herhalde.