Chanel Paradoxal + Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Concrete Konad M57

This is my second time wearing Chanel Paradoxal. After I bought this polish I was very excited but I got my first chip right away. This time, I thought if I apply a layer of top coat and konad then another layer of top coat it won't chip that fast. Well, I was wrong!  After only one day of wear, I had big chips on the tips(you can see them in the pictures). After spending $23 on a nail polish you expect not only a great color but also good application and wear. I don't think I would buy another Chanel polish again. When I compare it with my $3 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear , Chanel just fails big time...


  1. Evet, Chanel icin hep ayni seyi diyorlar. Renk kombinasyonu guzel olmus ama.

  2. Oyku, ben Chanelin bu kadar kotu olabilecegini dusunmemistim. Renk cok guzel ama o paraya kesinlikle degmez. Chanel yerine 2 tane Illamanasqua ya da Lippmann al daha iyi.Bu arada Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac cok guzel tavsiye ederim bulabilirsen al.